C.H.A.O.T.I.C. Summer presentations

Cooling and Heating for Architectural Optimization Team In Conference – Summer 2015

  • Presentations on the work of the amazing CHAOS team!
    • Low exergy campus district heating simulations
    • Geothermal potential of fracking wells for district heating
    • Cool Oculus prototype design, development and operation
    • Mid-size solar distillate research for the Andlinger Center
    • Desiccant dehumidification experiment and system design
    • Thermoheliodome upgrades and sensors
    • Sensor development for Campus as a Lab
    • Thermal imaging digital techniques
    • NYC thermal surface temperature exploration and evaluation

Some clips were taken and posted to:

IMG_2673 IMG_2672 IMG_2665 IMG_2658 IMG_2656 IMG_2653 IMG_2652 IMG_2650 IMG_2649