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Campus as Lab final

In 2015 and 2016 Princeton’s Campus as a Lab initiative supported three (3) projects completed by Chaos Lab. We are happy to announce that this year they will be supporting us for a fourth project, where we will be using distributed sensors to measure air quality on Campus.

The goal of this project will be to develop a sensor platform that can measure a wide variety of air quality metrics with high spatial and temporal resolutions. We will deploy these sensors to answer a number of questions about the how air quality is affected as it moves from outside buildings to in them. We hope that this will lead to a better understanding of how outdoor air quality impacts indoor air quality. Collected data will be shared with the Office of Sustainability to inform future decisions on how to improve air quality on campus.

Here is a video demonstrating our Princeton Energy Monitor, part of our 2016 sensors project.

Prof. Meggers is the 2014-15 co-chair of the Princeton Sustainability Committee


imageIR Camera + UAV for building efficiency evaluation




"Misplaced" ladder in a School of Architecture double-facade cavity.
“Misplaced” ladder in a School of Architecture double-facade cavity.

Building Air Space

Studying the free convection in building space and the conflict of the determinacy employed in the design narrative compared with the indeterminacy in its physical embodiment.



We are working with the University to evaluate the geothermal systems on campus at:

Campus Club

Lawrence Apartments

New Lakeside Housing

New Arts and Transit Campus

Research team led by Prof Forrest Meggers, faculty jointly appointed in the School of Architecture and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.