Arrival of Dr. Jovan Pantelic

We welcomed the arrival of Dr. Jovan Pantelic the week before last to rejoin the chaos research team.

His Bio from Future City Lab
Jovan received his diploma in Mechanical (Thermal and Fluids) Engineering in 2004. After that Jovan pursue his Masters degree in Thermal Engineering while working as a junior engineer in the Architectural and Engineering firm. In 2010 Jovan received his PhD degreed at the National University of Singapore in the filed of ventilation. While working as a Research Fellow at National University of Singapore in 2011 Jovan was visiting fellow at ETH Zurich where he worked with Prof Hansjürg Leibundgut’s LowEx group on adoptation of decentralised ventilation and radiant coopling for tropical climate. This resulted in creation of laboratory for building technologies called BubbleZERO that comprised of first decentalized ventilation and radiant cooling system in the tropical climate. From 2012 till April 2014 Jovan worked at University of Maryland at College Park and Harvard University on the development of technologies for air sampling and implementation to quantifying Influenza shedding rates in the Indoor Environements. Since April 2014 Jovan is working at ETH Zurich and is currently at Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore working on implementation of 3for2 concept in UWC building.
Jovan’s page in FCL
Jovan had worked with Team Chaos on the Theromoheliodome in the summer of 2014 and is going to work with the team on other related projects.